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San Francisco Brewing

155 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco CA 94133
United States (View Region)
Telephone: +1 415-434-3344


“We make all the beer served on tap in our historic bar, using a very traditional method. Our beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered, which requires that it be served fresh. We like to think we’ve got the freshest beer in San Francisco.”



  • Albatross Lager
  • Alcatraz Stout
  • Alexander Gunn Barleywine
  • Andromeda Wheat
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Contraband IPA
  • Dopple Weizen
  • Emperor Norton Lager
  • Green Death
  • Gripman’s Porter
  • Hallidie S. Ale
  • Happy Jack Ale
  • North Beach Ale
  • San Francisco Pale Ale
  • ShanghaIPA
  • St. Stephen’s Bock
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