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Dark Horse Brewing

511 South Kalamazoo Avenue
Marshall MI 49068
United States (View Region)
Telephone: +1 269-781-9940


“A long, long time ago in a quiet historical town with a lack of culture, a young boy was leaving for a land far, far away. He wanted to make his last summer in this little metropolis really count! The last 4 years were memories of a mountain of bottle caps of the same homogenous mass produced beers. He wanted to explore new and exciting aromas, and ingredients that would soothe his curious palate. So off he went, in search with his friends a beer that would forever change the pleasure of beer drinking.”



  • Dark Corner
  • Dark Horse 3 Guys Off The Scale Old Ale
  • Dark Horse 3 Guys Running
  • Dark Horse 4 Elf
  • Dark Horse 750mL Imperial Stout Ale
  • Dark Horse Amber Ale
  • Dark Horse Boffo Brown Ale
  • Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA
  • Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA
  • Dark Horse Fore Smoked Stout
  • Dark Horse Octoberfest
  • Dark Horse One Oatmeal Stout Ale
  • Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock
  • Dark Horse Raspberry Ale
  • Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale
  • Dark Horse Sapient Wheat Ale
  • Dark Horse Say Zon
  • Dark Horse Special Reserve Black Bier Ale
  • Dark Horse Thirsty Trout Porter
  • Dark Horse Too Cream Stout
  • Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout
  • Fra Fra Elderbrown
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