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It’s been pretty quiet on the BrewerySearch front lately, but I have been working on a few items including a rebranding/redesign, the widget and a few other items. The first smaller item I am releasing is a newly developed plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer 7+ that allows you to search BrewerySearch right from your browser’s toolbar.

Install BrewerySearch Plugin Now

Just click the button above and select “ok” when prompted. Now, in your browser’s search bar you’ll see BrewerySearch name and icon. Select that and start searching away.

Should you want to remove the BrewerySearch plugin from your browser, it’s also relatively painless — that is, until I find out you removed it and hunt you down like the dog you are. Ahem. Sorry. Won’t happen again. Like I was saying, uninstalling is easy.

Internet Explorer: Click on the arrow in the search bar and then “Change search defaults”.

Firefox Click on the arrow in the search bar and then “manage search engines”. Next, select the “Brewery Search” and press the “remove”.

So there you have it. Hopefully I will be able to roll out the rebranding and new web site as quickly as I did this.

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