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About The Search

So What Is This All About Anyways?

BrewerySearch is here to help you find breweries, brewpubs or just beer near you. Simply type in your city, a city where you may be traveling to, a beer style or beer name and find plenty of information about those brewers that are related to your search. Results come back to you with the brewer’s address, phone number, link to their website if they have one, a view of their location on a map, a brief description of themselves (if applicable) and a list of their known beers — all in on easy to read page.

Hasn’t This All Been Done Before?

Yes and no. There are some excellent sites out there that can give you a list of breweries in a given region, a map of bars near you, or more beer reviews than you know what to do with. BrewerySearch takes the best aspects of each of those sites and puts them together in a fashion that is easy to understand and digest. This site is also one of the few that offers our services for the mobile traveler.

I Noticed That You’re Missing A Brewery

There’s a great deal of data entry and research that goes into updating and adding brewers to this site. I may sometimes miss one or two in the process. You help is appreciated, so if you know of an error with some of our information or know that a new brewpub is being built near you, feel free to drop me a line.

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